Mossy Creek #2
July 20, 2002
Belle Books
Available in: Audio, e-Book

Reunion At Mossy Creek

Welcome back to Mossy Creek–the warm-hearted but stubborn residents of the small town whose motto is “Ain’t goin’ nowhere, and don’t want to” are once again sorting out the joys, sorrows and everyday mysteries of life.

This time around they’ve got the added drama of the big town reunion commemorating the twenty-year-old mystery of the late, great Mossy Creek High School, which burned to the ground amid quirky rumors and dark secrets. Are the villains who caused the fire at the grand old school finally ready to come forward?

In the meantime, sassy 100-year-old Creekite Eula Mae Whit is convinced Williard Scott has put a death curse on her, and Mossy Creek Police Chief Amos Royden is still fighting his reputation as the town’s most eligible bachelor. Then there’s the new bad girl in town, Jasmine, and more adventures from the old bad girl in town, Mayor Ida Hamilton. And last but not least, Bob the flying Chihuahua, finds himself stalked by an amorous lady poodle.

All this and more–including the introduction of Mossy Creek’s new recipe section, courtesy of Creekite Chef Bubba Rice–is waiting for readers in the second novel of the Mossy Creek series.