September 30, 2019
MIRA Books
Available in: e-Book

The Way to Yesterday

Re-read one of Sharon Sala’s fan-favorite classic romances from the miniseries A Year of Loving Dangerously,where passion rules and nothing is what it seems…

What if you could live one day over again—and change the outcome?

Suddenly, unbelievably, Mary Ellen O’Rourke could—and so her wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl were alive and well. Now all she had to do was keep them that way. If only she knew how….

But maybe she did. Because a strange encounter with an unusual ring had brought Mary into this parallel world, one in which Daniel and Hope—and she—were the family she’d always dreamed of being. Because it seemed that this time, she had acted differently on that fateful day. So was this new life a dream? Mary didn’t care. She’d spent six years praying for a second chance—and she wasn’t going to waste a single minute of it!