November 1, 2020
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I, Gracie

A young woman must find her way in the world again after years of nursing her ailing mother in this novel by the bestselling author of Once in a Blue Moon

I, Gracie, survived . . .

When Mama announced to our family that she had dementia, my brother and sisters insisted they couldn’t help. They had their own lives elsewhere, after all. So, I gave up my dreams and spent the next nine years caring for Mama alone, losing her bit by bit, and nearly losing myself in the process.

I, Gracie, started over . . .

After Mama finally let go of this world, I let go of that world, too. I left the nightmare of my life with Mama, my family, and West Texas to start over in a new place, far away. It took some doing, but I have a new job, a safe place to live, and even new friends and a man who loves me, broken as I am. But . . .

I, Gracie, am scarred . . .

Until my past is buried like Mama, I keep my man waiting—struggling with what was and not trusting what is or could be.

I, Gracie . . .


This story is exceptionally well told. Heart-wrenching. Honest. Filled with grace, filled with truth, filled with an unflinching look at dealing with a parent with dementia.

It also has all the hallmarks of an exceptional love story. Gracie and John…John. There is no better hero than John for Gracie.

Delia is a constant throughout the book, so we get to see her before the disease took hold, and Gracie is much like her mother.

Strong. Indomitable. Filled with grace, yes, but also with a rage of a thousand fiery suns. And her siblings, pastor, the town all deserve that rage.

Sala wraps up the siblings story, as well, with – there is no other word for it – grace.

Now that I’ve written this review, I’m going to curl up and re-read it, even though I just finished it this afternoon. This book has its hooks in me. No wonder Sharon Sala is such a beloved author.

                              Christine Ashworth, author of  Wear The Pearls and Other Bits of Wisdom