November 13, 2023

ISBN-10: 098962868X
ISBN-13: 9780989628686
Available in: Hardcover

Fraidy Cat

This is the story of a little black cat without a home, and a kind farmer named Mr. Bean, who found Fraidy Cat behind a trash bin and took him home.

Fraidy Cat soon learns that all of the animals on Mr. Bean’s farm have a job, and the quest to find the perfect job for Fraidy becomes a problem, because Fraidy Cat is afraid of everything.

Fraidy fears he won’t have a home anymore if he can’t do his job, but Mr. Bean doesn’t give up on Fraidy, so Fraidy keeps trying and trying his best not to be afraid.

Will Fraidy find the job that’s puurrfect for him?

Let’s read the book together and find out!